About the brand

Zua World began its story on the magical island of Bali, in the land of craftsmanship, happy and talented people, devoted to the cult of the sun. It was there that the first inspirations, ideas, and inspirations emerged – forming the foundation of our brand.

The Zua World collection focuses mainly on products handmade from materials and resources created on this remarkable island. We are characterized by a holiday boho style, and products bearing the Zua World brand evoke Balinese aesthetics. We offer unique stylizations in a summer climate. In the collection, you can find, among other things, products made with crochet and macramé techniques.

Zua World offers products made from twine, as well as cotton and other local materials. Since the Zua World collection consists primarily of handmade products, mass production is out of the question, which emphasizes the authenticity and originality of the brand.

With our proposition, we aim to reach people who like to stand out and those who appreciate fashion in a different form than that recognized as popular, mass-produced, offered by chain stores.